6 common mistakes that can get you fired at work


The number one thing companies tried to avoid is to keep their employees, but there are many reasons why employer fires workers at work.

However, no employee wants to be fired and thus gives their best in doing their job they’re employed to do at all time, even when the condition is not favourable.

From what I see, companies do two things with an employer, that is to hire and to fire. The firing is the hardest but they do it because they want result.

Sometimes you can b fired at companies for some reasons that seems to be flimsy to you, but serious to the employer. Some reasons can be late at coming to work or even when you think you’re smarter than your boss.

There are basically six (6) common mistakes that can get you fired at work. This is for you and me to know to avoid the chance of falling victim.

Failing to show up at work

This may sound easy, but it’s not. Recently, an employee working in one of the commercial banks was sacked because she did not show up for two days work. Failing to show up can be in two ways: it’s either you don’t show up physically or mentally.

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The use of the internet, mobile phone during work hours contribute to been absent mentally. These things should be avoided except if they’re use for the purpose of the work.

Using company resources

When starting a job, it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of the company. That is know what is permitted and what is not during work hours. Take note and study the rules carefully. When you make mistakes, make sure you apologise and try not to repeat the same mistakes.

Repeating the same mistake can lead to the lost off your job, because your employer may see you as someone who is not willing to obey and follow the rules.

When you don’t respect the leaders

There is every possibility that you are smarter than the ones above you or even more experience than your boss. But that should not be an excuse or avenue for you to take them for granted. You must know they’re there for a reason and have the right to take or not to take your recommendations.

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When in your work environment, know what to say, how to say it and who to say it to, because this can greatly affect your jobs either positively or negatively.

Not updating your boss regularly

Not sending regular update to your boss regularly, your boss will tag you as someone who is not doing his job and this is a signal for been fired if it continues. But when update is send regularly, your boss will tag you as someone serious and doing his job regularly.

Nothing to offer

When you have been working for sometimes and you’re contributing nothing to the growth of the company. The company might term you as a liability and may decide to lay you off. Keep contributing your quota even if they don’t subscribe to it, but they may see you as someone who is trying.

Keep improving yourself

Don’t think what you know that works today is still what will work tomorrow. Keep reading materials that will make you relevant with updated information regularly. This will give you an edge over other employer.

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