5 work online from home jobs in Nigeria that makes you rich


If you’re tired of the morning rush, trying to beat the time and arrive at your work place in time to avoid query or your boss rant, then this information is for you.

This article will introduce the work from home jobs in Nigeria that makes it possible to live the kind of life you’ve dream of and interestingly, you work at the time you want to and at your own convenience.

More and more people are using the internet to do many things. This has made the work from home business flourish and will continue to be in the years to come.

I you have an expertise in any subject, skills or don’t like what you’re doing, then consider these six work from home jobs that helps you enjoy your work and within the comfort of your home


Blogging is really waxing stronger and stronger by the day. Blogging is a platform where you create and post articles, videos, podcast etc. Most often, a blog is updated regularly. Often times, people blog based on what they love or their passion.

Money is made in blogging via several ways. But the most common and lucrative ways are selling ad space, pay per click advertising and information marketing.

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In blogging, you share your passion and you make money by do that

Freelance writing

Most website and blog owners have one challenge that is to provide new and fresh content regularly to stay ahead and still maintain their site visitors. Sometimes, they run out of ideas. This has made the need for fresh content more and more a serious issue online.


Most of this website result to outsourcing of content. That is where a freelance writer comes into play. A freelance writer writes the content on behalf of the site owner.

 A freelance writer most has good writing skills that will hold readers attention and knows how to optimize the article.

The least a freelance writer charge per article is $3 for 700 word article and $5 dollars for a 1500 word article. But when you build credibility, you may want to improve your rate.

Graphic designer

If you can use any graphic software, then you can certainly make tons of money from graphic design. People today want to design a banner for their online advertisement, logo design or a flyer to promote their business or service. A graphic designer charge at least $50 per hour to design anything for you, be it logo or banner.

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Consulting services

You can offer your expertise in your chosen field. It can be on business, family, job, self-help and so on. Any of the field you field you can offer your service, don’t hesitate to do it. In this one, you may want to provide some testimonials as a proof of what you can do to build trust.

Information marketing

This is the act of writing a short 5-30 page eBook and sells it online. This can be done for free online with sites that only charge you when you make a sale. Information marketing is really a very lucrative business to do. All you need do is to provide an information that is relevant, informative and exciting.

Work from home is really the best option to making money online with little or no risk at all. Choose the options that you know you can do your best and start today.

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