5 ways to be successful in 2014


You probably have been counting your achievements and challenges of 2013 and equally pondering on how 2014 will be, especially if 2013 have been the most challenging year in your lifetime either in business, career, finance, relationships and so on.

Wasting too much time on 2013 will definitely affect your 2014 whether it’s achievements or challenges. 2013 is gone and should be use as a reference year. [pullquote]It’s time to turn your focus and attention to 2014, this is a new challenge and a new approach.[/pullquote]

Making 2014 a successful year is actually at our finger tips and I believe, it starts by following this basic 5 steps.

  1. Plan your year

Before starting the year, give yourself a guide, by planning on what you intent to achieve for the year. Find a serene and tranquilize area and write your goals for the year. Example this can be reading ten books a year or writing your own book or starting your own business. Anything you think, just do it.

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Then workout a plan on how you intent to achieve them. for instance if one of your goals is to write a book, with 13 chapters, here is how you can plan on writing it, you can decide to write one chapter every two weeks and in 26 weeks (5 months two weeks) your book should be ready. Hope you get the idea.

2. Be focus


You cannot do all things at the same time and if you try to do so, chances are you might end up achieving little. Note that not all your goals can be achieve do way you want it. Success normally will come when you follow one cause until you’re successful.

3. Be discipline

We things don’t go the way we want, frustration normally sets in and the thoughts of changing our aim becomes a possibility. It maybe distractions from friends, family or even mediocre who will say, you tried less difficult task and have not achieved it. But use their thoughts to prove them wrong this year. Be discipline and always know you have a target for the year.

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4. Revise your years goal regularly

Read your set goals for the year regularly, it’s expected you do it twice a year: in the morning before you start anything and in the night before you retire to bed. This not only help you remember, but also helps you develop more ideas on how to achieve them in much better and faster ways.

5. Evaluate your self

Take a time and know how successful you have been. Celebrate your achievements and move on. 2014 will be great let’s see how successful we can be when the year runs out.

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