5 Top Products You Need to Try in 2016


Every beginning of the year is the time for new resolutions. Although making your New Year resolution a reality requires the willpower, tenacity and clear action to achieve.

Am sure a little help will do and that’s why we have put the 5 top products you need to try in 2016. This is not only for an experiment, but sure to make you happy, healthier and prosperous this year.

  1. Material estimator

Ever wondered how to get what you want especially when you get it exactly. Material estimator

  • Works directly in yards, feet, inches, fractions and meters – including square and cubic formats. No need to convert to decimals.
  • Define and store values for materials such as Grout, Fence Post Spacing, Custom Tile, Board Width, Bags of Concrete, Paint Coverage and more
  • Calculate board feet and cost per unit
  • Quick linear, area, and volume answers
  • Dual Power – solar and battery
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Learn More about Material estimator

    2. InterDesign Twillo Wall Mount Mail and Key Rack, Bronze

If you’re like me who always say where is my key? Then the interior twillo wall mail and key rack, bronze might be just for you.

  • Perfect for keeping keys and mail organized
  • Features 5 hooks
  • Wall mounting hardware included

· Made of durable steel with woven plastic accents


Learn more about InterDesign Twillo Wall Mount Mail and Key Rack, Bronze


3. Blomus Notepaper Roll Holder

Ever want to keep notes the simpler way? Blomus notepaper roll holder lets you do all that easily.Made of durable stainless steel in a contemporary brushed finish.

  • Wall-mountable or table-use platform incorporates pen holder
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· Efficient system lets you tear off only as much paper as you need


Learn more about Blomus Notepaper Roll Holder

     4. Padlette D3 Black

Ever wonder how to make your tablet more exciting to use? The padlette D3 black Universal tablet holder. Fits iPad Air and all full-size iPads. Available in eight colors. Affords numerous hand positions. Will fit over case or shell.


Learn more Padlette D3 Black

   5. Wake up light

The wake-up light wakes you without giving that scaring beeping sound.

  • Wake-up naturally and improve your ability to function in the morning
  • Bright yellow sunrise simulation wakes you up gradually with natural light


Learn more about Wake up light




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