5 technologies that won’t die


We’re in a fast moving world, where things are changing every seconds because of the fast improvement of things as a result of advancement in technology on a daily basis.

Due to this advancement, a lot of inventions have been turn obsolete, because of a new and better way to implement or use that technology. In other words, the improve technology makes it easier and convenient to use.

In as much as there is technological improvement, there are technologies that won’t except improving on it. In my opinion, these are the top ten technologies that won’t die.



For many years now, car has been the major form of transportation in the world. It is believe the first car was possibly build by Ferdinand Verbiest, a Flemish member of the Jesuit mission in China around 1672.

The invention of car sees the replacement of chariot and horses to car. Today it is estimated that the number of automobiles had risen to over one billion vehicles, with 500 million reached in 1986.

Today there are lots of car companies like Toyota, GMC, ford Motors, Honda, BMW, Mercedes to mention but a few producing cars yearly.

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As people where increasing in population, so also they live apart. Since to some extent, cars have limits, man decided to develop a flying bird and name it airplane.

These happened when Orville and Walbur Wright, also known as the Wright brothers, made the first successful experiment on 17 december, 1903, in which the machine(airplane) carrying a man rose by it’s own power, flew naturally at even speed and descended without damage.

Today as a result of that successful experitment, people fly both locally and internationally for business, vacation, education, medical treatment and so on.




Believe to be invented by Mo-Ti a Chinese philosopher between 470 to 390 Bc and called it a locked treasure room. Since then, the camera have undergone some remarkable changes.

Today you have camera for different purposed. Whether digital or anolog camera, the camera are pretty useful even at this 21st century and the use is on the increase daily.

Cell phone

cell phones

This is also call mobile phone, cell phone or hand phone, is a device that can make and receive telephone calls. The mobile phone use was first demonstrated in 1973 by John  Mitchell and Dr Martin Cooper of Motorola, the rest was history.

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The mobile devices are among the most fast moving products worldwide with new friendly phones with internet connectivity, camera, music capability and so on.

The internet


The emergence of the world wide web mark a new era in the world-the moving from the industrial age to information age. It was created in 1989, by Peter Deusch and Alan Emtage. This was in my opinion the greatest invention of the 20th century.

Today the internet is the heat beat of information. Other important things done via the internet are business, social gathering, gaming, internet television, to mention but a few, are all possible and easier as a result of the internet.

Though this world this world is changing every minute, with more inventions to come and more surprises possible, I believe these 5 technologies have come to stay. The only thing to expect is new improvements.

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