5 must have skills as a job recruiter


Most people never dream of becoming a job recruiter, but some have being involved by accident and have to go through the recruitment process. The good news is the job recruitment process is pretty easy and strength forward.

Organizations, firms and business experience lots of application from job recruitment firm and a lot are not considered. This maybe as a result of competition in the industry and if you’re new, building reputation will definitely take time.

There are about five(5) skills required to make an excellent job recruitment consultant and that gives you an edge over others.

1. Getting to know the client

The recruiter have three basic cycle for getting the client to the employer and the recruitment process involve; getting the vacancy/application from clients, getting to know the interest of the client and making it easier or placement.

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The ability to gather information of the client is vital for success. That is the more information you have the better to hire the best.

2. Making placement

To be a successful recruiter, you must know how to place client in the right position. For these to happen, you must have knowledge about the organization and understand the organization marketplace. You must know the positions for placement even before the client realized it.


3. Good communication skills

Good communication skills are critical to success. A great communication skills let you speak with conviction when selling your services to clients and jobs to candidate create relationship is crucial and fundamental in any sales job.

4. Keep the fate

There are dark moments that may come and might seem like anyone is against you keeping a positive attitude in dark times is key to keeping you in the game. Rejection are bound to happen and do not be afraid of it. Some times you’ll have seven no before you could have one yes.

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5. IT savvy

Virtually everything is automated now a day. An IT compliant recruiter gives you an edge. A recruiter have to be comfortable for online job board, online recruitment, online registration, online collection of data and other technologies. You’ll always be one step ahead.

Do you have what it takes?

Believe you me, the process is somewhat easy. Having these skills and expertise, gives you an edge over other recruiters and so on. What skills do you wish to add? Feel free to do that.

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