5 free marketing ideas for small businesses

small business ideaSmall businesses want to market their business but when they lack the money to do that, then these 5 free marketing ideas will do the trick.

No businesses survive without a marketing plan. A marketing budget is required to implement the marketing. It doesn’t mean you can do it with cash.

In this article, I will show you the creative ways you can market your small business idea for free.

Do you know you don’t always need money to market your small business idea

You can begin an ambitious marketing for your small business without spending any cash. One vital point here is to master and use the one method that works well in making your small business idea a reality.

5 free marketing ideas for your business

Here we go, if you want to market your small business idea effectively without cash, here are 5 simple but creative ways you can get noticed – for free!

1) Use your email signatures

We all have emails and have sent messages with it. Including an email signature help promotes your business.

You can use it to promote products, share link to your latest post and other special offers. Make your signature in a different colour to make it stand out from other content and increase the visibility chances.

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2) Get listed in online business directories

Don’t underestimate business directories. They get tons of traffic and you can make your small business idea known there.

Get listed on business directories like Yelp, Yell, scoot, HotFrog, iBerkshire and Thomson. These sites not only provide the traffic you need but also improves your search engine ranking.

3) Use email marketing

The whole idea of marketing is to build loyal customers via communication. An email is a perfect tool if used sensibly and done professionally. Free services like Feedburner are a great way to start.


Another easy service you can use to build an email list and use it for marketing is Getresponse. Getresponse enables you to create landing pages, opt-in forms, and ability to send newsletter regularly that looks great.

Try getresponse for free to see for yourself.

4) Get on social media

Great engagement is found on social media when you post interesting stories, images, and video. Not all social media will work for your business. You’ll need to choose the one that works perfectly well for your business.

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For instance, a small business idea that is about food or photos will work well with Instagram and Pinterest while a professional or business that offers services, twitter or LinkedIn will do the magic.

To maintain engagement and continue to grow your followership, you’ll need to post content regularly.

5) Make blog comment regularly

I still receive traffic from the comment I did some years ago. Follow blogs related to your niche and leave a comment under it.

Begin your comment by saluting the writer about the write-up. Then go on to add your own insightful comment.

Leave a link to your site that is relevant to your comment to make people follow the link.

Come up with a plan on how many comment you will make daily.

Making comment also help in building links and thus improves your search engine ranking

Get started – and keep at it!

Whatever free marketing ideas you decide to pursue, my advice is to always make sure you are committed to continuing what you start. Make your small business ideas a reality and the momentum it needs that can truly get results.


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