5 easy ways to attract advertisers to your blog

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From beginners to professional bloggers, all want to make money online with their blog.

But making money online by way of attracting advertisers to your blog can be an uphill task.

Many sites start advertising by using ad networks like google AdWords, buysellads.com, and taboola to find many websites to advertise. Simply because it’s cost-effective, easy to find advertisers and a good learning ground.

Advertisers can only find you and run ads if you have a good content, high traffic to your site, engaging social media followers, brand and authority in your field.

What your site need

A popular website

The main reason an advertiser advertises their product or service is to expose to both existing and new customers. An advertiser will not advertise when no one visits the blog or have a little amount of traffic to your site.

Clear focus

what do you focus on? What is your niche? No advertiser expects you to be yahoo news or huffingtonpost.com. A clear focus will help advertisers to know that their advertisement will be targeted.

Professional looking design

The professional website encourages advertisers and sends a message to people that you know what you’re doing. If you have a blog like that then congratulations.

In this article, I will be showing you the five ways to attract advertisers to your blog.

5 easy ways to attract advertisers to your blog

  1. Place an ad banner on your sidebar

Make people know that you’re advertising on your blog by placing a banner on your right-hand side of your blog. Such a banner makes it easier for people to know and makes them click to advertise.

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The banner should be attractive and should be in colours that will really grasp attention.

One plugin that helps you with it is the OIOpublisher plugin.  This plugin gives the opportunity for advertisers to subscribe to any of your advert space(from subscribing to payment) with your only work is to review and approve the ads.

OIOpublisher plugin goes for $47 one time payment and you have access to free updates that will come with it.

Want to Keep 100% of what you earn? try OIOpublisher.

  1. Create an advertising page

Create an advertising page that will tell people about your ad sizes, the days each ad will run and the rate. Often time, you can link your banner to the advertiser page.  Promote the page regularly to ensure it has the maximum exposure possible.

This can be done via your social media page, list and subscribers. When there is an update, inform your followers  about it.

  1. Place banner below your content

People visit your site because of one thing, Content. Which can come in the form of article, audio and video, which they know will add value to them?

This makes it a very important place to place your ads banner. Preferably at the end of the content to let your readers know that it’s the content that is important.

When content goes viral, it further exposes the content and more advertisers are likely to be found.

  1. Contact prospective advertisers
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Contact prospective buyers by sending them an email telling them about your advertisement and the benefits of advertising using the website.

They might not have the time or may have a lot of emails they receive. Spend your time to make your stand out from the crowd.

Your email subject should be attractive and that’s the first step that will make your future advertiser open the email.

Your email body should stand out too to enable them to read to the end.

Do a follow-up email especially if there is a discount or you’re doing a promo and continue to look for prospective advertisers that you can attract to your blog.

  1. Add testimonials

Might not be that necessary, but a testimonial is just another additional ingredient to tell your prospective advertisers that advertising on your blog produces the required result.

Ask people who have used your service to send in testimonials. This encourages people to use the service and builds your credibility.

The testimonials should be practical not just a mere write up just for the sole purpose of making people subscribe to your advertising.

For instance, if the testimonial is about the increase in traffic as a result of the advertising, then the advertiser should be able to give the percentage proof of it.

What else can you add to the list? Feel free to make your comment below.



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