4 Ways to Respond To A Negative Online Business Review?


What should be the proper way to respond to negative online review?

Sometimes businesses receive negative reviews from people who really want to express their dissatisfaction about the business product, service, or operation and might be difficult for existing and potential customers to give the business a second chance.

Even though the review is bad and might damage the business credibility, it will be in proper to respond with a positive review that is not genuine.

Because the positive fake respond might work to bring back some confidence in the short term, but will be more damaging than the first negative review, when the truth is reveal in the long term.

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What the business should focus is how to make amend and not to just put some fake positive review or ask the person to take the review down.


Here are some ideas to help you respond to a negative online review.

1. Communicate what has change
Business operations, product (s) and service (s), workers, business policies can change and it’s important to communicate that change to your existing and potential customers.

2. Take time to respond
Don’t rush in giving respond because you might not be polite at all and might affect potential customers as well. Calm down and take your time to really know what the review is communicating before responding.

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3. Fix the exact concern
If the reviewers’ main complaint is about the change in the product packaging and the packaging has increase the product size, communicate how the problem is been fixed or tell the reviewer the reason for the packaging.

4. Don’t attack the reviewer
Don’t attack the reviewer by asking the person to take the review down or ask people not to take the review serious. Instead tell your customers and potential customers to give you another chance.

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