4 sizzling ways of Writing Natural SEO Content for your blog or website


When it comes to writing search engine optimize content for your blog or website, content is king. Good content attracts the search engines and hence boost the traffic to your site.

SEO content are unique and are highly informative and follow the basic requirements needed to attract the search engines easily.

There are 4 sizzling ways to write natural search engine optimizable content in your blog or website for better search engine ranking and traffic back to your site.

1. Include keywords in where it should be included

There are vital points that your targeted keyword should appear within the content.

Your keyword should appear first within the title of the content-this will make the search engines know what keyword you’re targeting.

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Then include the keyword within the content body more than once.

2. Use keyword density always

The fact you’re targeting a keyword doesn’t mean you should use the keyword over end over again.


When targeting a particular keyword, the search engines expect between 2-3% keyword within your content.

For instance, if your content is 600 words long, your keyword should appear between 12-18 times within the content.

You can equally use acronyms to replace existing keywords. For instance if you’re targeting dog training, you can use dog teaching. Something like that.

3. Use long tail keywords

Most keywords especially highly searched keywords; you find high number of sites targeting it. This makes the competition high and difficult to rank among the top ten in the search engines.

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To stand out from the crowd and to rank high, use long tail keywords within your content and article body.

For instance, if the keyword you’re targeting is “internet business model”, you can write internet business model for newbie or internet business model for home business.

That makes it different from your competitors and this makes the search engine position you higher.

4. Be creative

Even when you have the knowledge about the subject you’re writing about, you have to be creative at putting the information together.


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