4 DIY tips for personal finance


During the financial global meltdown, many unfortunate things happened. Jobs were lost, companies looked for bail out and the uncertainty continued to increase.

It became obvious that the financial bailout was given to only the companies’ owners and the sacked workers were left with nothing, but years of experience alone.

It then became obvious for the first time in recent times that personal finance was lacking among most employers. Many thought personal finance is about greediness, but it’s not-it’s about taking control of your financial future.

Below are our do it yourself tips for personal finance that will guarantee your future.

# Have a billionaire mentality

Many people don’t have that in mind, they spend their time discussing about how things are not working and wish someone will do the work for them.

The millionaires and billionaires believe in looking for opportunities and taking advantage of it. Most often they don’t have the resources, but they outsource.

The millionaire believe he doesn’t need to have the best of product/service to in other to be in the market, they believe the product most be good even to be appreciated in the market and they keep improving on the product.

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# Mind your own business

When ask a person (who works in the bank) where do you work? He said am a banker. But actually he’s not because he doesn’t own the bank. The banker is the owner of the bank not the worker. So the banker pays you to develop his business and grow it.


Whether you work in the bank or somewhere else that is not own by you, and you’re being paid to work, you’re minding another person’s business. At the end of it all he gets most of the benefit.

Don’t get me wrong am not against your work under somebody, but all am trying to say is while still working, create your own business, and start investing.

# Invest in time to harvest on time

Investing is a plan and most people don’t have an investing plan. I often hear people say they don’t have money to invest in A or B investment or say where can I get money to invest in such an investment?

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As a worker, your investment starts from the day you receive your first paycheck. Because that’s your ultimate duty and not the duty of your employer.

Your investment can start by putting down 10% of your income and investing it in personal finance books, tapes, videos and seminars, to understand how to do it before starting to practicalize it. It’s important to have the knowledge first.

When you start early, be sure of harvesting in time.

# Delay gratification

Am often surprise at people about what they do. People can save money to buy car, generator and many other luxuries that keeps taking money out their pockets.

While the rich like all these things, they wait and invest first and use the investment to take care of the expenses coming from the luxury.

Delay gratification does not mean no to luxuries, but means doing that which is the most important and that is investing.

Personal finance is about you and you alone. If you intent to move to the next level and be financially free, then personal finance is for you.

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