3 tips for writing an article that generate traffic


The internet is all about content. The popular internet saying is true “content is king”. Article writing is an art rather than a science. Using article is vital to generate traffic back to your site.  In this article, I will show you the seven simple tips to write article that drive traffic to your site.

1.     Powerful headline

No matter how powerful the article body is, people might not read it if you do not have a powerful headline. A catchy headline encourages people to read your content.

Great headline grab not only attention alone, but also make your reader wants to read the text or body of your article.

Headline writing tip

–         Write question headline. Example: what is blogging? 5 The simple steps involve

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–         Write How to headlines. Example: How hackers work

–         Write discovery headline. Example: making money online-discover the three steps involve


2.     Use keyword in your article

Always use relevant keyword within your article. Start including your keywords from the headline and the body of the article. Keywords are a great way search engine finds you and rank your page.

Keyword inclusion tips


–         Use long tail keywords always.

–         Include the keyword you’re targeting within the article title.

–         Include the keyword within the article body. Making sure you take note of the keyword density. The key work within the article post should not exceed 2%.


3.     Call to action

Inability to write catchy call to action at the end of your post, especially when you’re posting it in an article directory will make your effort not worth it. The aim of call to action is to make people visit your site, not only to publish content alone.

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Tips for writing call to action

–         Be specific. Example: click here for the best school in Europe

–         keep it between 90 and 150 character

–         Include your bio. Example: mike john is a blogger and video consultant, and has a weekly column on video Marketing for thebloggingbay.com. His new blog about creating viral video is viral until June 30.

Writing article is simple and good way to drive traffic to your blog and this three steps are the practical simple steps.



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