13 Things to Start Doing for Yourself

doPeople can help you in many ways, but there is a limit they can go to. Everyone have a role to play in this life. It doesn’t matter where you’re or your background.

If for instance the person that pays your school fees, has done play his part and yours is to read to pass the examinations.

Due to funny believe system, some think it’s the duty of their parent, brother, sister or government to do everything for them while they sit down and watch. Well if you have that thought, then you’ll have nothing in the future.

Certain things require you to act on it by yourself. Here are the 13 things you should start doing for yourself. Here is the 30 to-do list.

1. Face your problem
Stop blaming others for your problem. Learn from it and move on. Problems don’t define a person but improve a person. When a problem comes it’s just telling you that a new strategy is required.

2. Mingle with great people
These are the people who share your dreams, who are always positive and always learning new things. When you’re around them, you feel the encouragement and the zeal to not give up your dreams.

3. Don’t beat yourself
Always know you have great things to achieve. Whatever you do stay on tract and focus on achieving what you intend to achieve.

4. Be honest
Do not be double-minded, be honest about the truth and stand by it. Search within you and you’ll exactly know who you’re and how you got there. One you know you, you’ll begin to tell yourself the truth and will have a better understanding of where you intend to be in the future.

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5. Start planning your day
Due to distractions, every day from friends, family, phone calls and social media chances are high to even forget certain important day activity. Start planning your day to keep you on a tract of what you have for the day. Organize them according to your priority.

6. Be determine to be happy
You have needs and that really matters. Am not talking about physical needs, but needs that make you happy internally. Value yourself and do things that make you happy.

7. Learn not to procrastinate
Do not delay in what needs to be done now for later. Learning to do things that ought to be done now will propel you to achieving more than you can imagine in a short term.


8. Starting learning from your mistakes
Mistakes are very valuable. Albert Einstein once said and I code “anyone who has not made a mistake has not tried anything new”.

In other words, if you’re not making mistakes that means you’re still in your comfort zone and afraid of trying something new.

Mistakes are a stepping stone to progress. Keep taking the risk and doing new things. You may stumble, but dusk yourself and move on.

9. Start enjoying your accomplishments
Don’t morn where you’re but rather enjoy where you’re. People will tell you they most attain a certain level before they can begin to enjoy their accomplishment.

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Note that if you’re going to be moving from point A to C, know that you most past B to get to C. when you’re at point B, then get some excitement for a job well done.

10. Start believing your dreams and taking action
Start believing that what you saw in your mind’s eye is achievable. Begin to put that into action.

Taking your chances is what matters. The chances of the dream to see the light of the day is not 100%, but you can be 100% sure that doing nothing won’t work. In reality, you have to go for it. Your outcome is really what it should be. It’s a complete win-win situation.

11. Get ready to begin the next step
Life comes in phases and you’re already in another phase. Step out and face the challenges. You have all it takes to grab the opportunity that comes your way.

12. Start helping people around you
Start helping people around you. There are chances that you know better than them. help begets help.

13. Start giving people second chance
We all make mistakes either in a way that is planned or not. Give people a second chance to see if they genuinely learn from their mistakes.

Your turn…
What would you add to the list? What’s that thing you want to start doing for yourself? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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