The 13 Best home business Products to Sell From Home

Home businessHome businesses have made selling products from home quite popular. Multi-level Marketing or direct sales companies have created a business model that have exploded the home business opportunities of selling from home.

These have created entrepreneurs who have little skills or not enough startup capital to build their business from scratch possible.

There are two products you can sell from home, some are consumables and non-consumable goods.

Some consumables products are perishable or have a limited lifespan and may require you use them daily and need to be replaced daily.

What products can you sell from home? Below are the ten industries that not only provide not provide the products to sell from home but also profitable.


Candles & Home Fragrance

Every home wants to look like heaven on earth. Using candles and home fragrance provide the serenity at home. These items can be considered as consumable goods. They’re used for a while because of the shot lifespan. Having these items to sell will mean repeated business on a daily basis.


Selling of cloth at home is on the rise. With limited time to ourselves, means limited time for cloth shopping and that’s why this type of home business will continue to be popular.

Selling cloth will be a great product. My neighbour does that in our neighborhood and made a lot of customers with daily sales.

His strategy is he brings the apparel door to door and still gives a discount on each cloth. These saves you hours of going out to the boutique to buy clothes.

Educational Books & Toys

Another non-consumable product to sale. The need for educational books and toys is the order of the day and there is hardly a neighborhood without a school or school children.

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Their products provide an endless sales opportunities offered by many of the educational books and toys companies.



Now we are talking consumable and everyone eats on a daily basis! Items here should be unique and can be biscuits to chocolate. You can partner with companies providing these items to find products that fit the customer.

Distribution can be done on a door to door basis.

Sometimes, you can find autoship programs which help in the distribution of the food products on a daily basis.

Handbags and Accessories

This really is one of the most lucrative non-consumable home business product. Gift handbags, occasion handbags, home party handbags, purses all fall into this category. These products have seen it’s rise due to the increase in the popularity of the product.

Fashion accessories have seen the rise too. Most often, fashion accessories and their handbags have proved to be loved because of their uniqueness.


Health & Wellness Products

This industry will require the services of an expert. But if you’re not, it’s better you join it via Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). This enables you to sell items without fear of being court.

The company involves have been given the right to distribute it via a network and these include you.

The idea here is to join a prominent and prevailing names with a long-standing reputation in direct sales in this sector.

Using a network (MLM) cuts the middle men and you get the product direct from the company.

Home Décor & Kitchen

Most of the products are non-consumable. Some of the items are wall papers, curtains, toiletries among others. Though non-consumable products, the possibility of repeat sales is high.

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Try introducing new items to keep the sales going and to buy loyal customers always.


This is a non-consumable home business products that don’t have loss as an option. In other words, the item can be intact without you loosing it.

Many jewelry companies are looking for clients to partner with. You may look for one to join their direct sales program.

Skin Care & Cosmetics

The most familiar home business product with repeated sates possibilities due to the increasing need for keep the skin in great shape and the body as well.

Stationery, Paper & Scrapbooking

Many think this home business category is not lucrative or insignificant. But most of the products here are what will help us keep the memories alife and to keep important notes for the future.

Soft drinks

Who doesn’t know a soft drink? These drinks are required for keeping the dehydrating body alive after an exhausting day. These home business product is consumable and has repeated sales regularly.

Fast food

Another consumable home business product. With limited time to most people are using the fast food option as a quick way to give them the energy to work.

Food supplement

The popularity of food supplement has increased in recent times. Many direct sales companies are waiting to partner.

Look for a reputable to join.

The business opportunities are endless when it comes to selling from home. With several home business products, you have all it take to start your business right away and not from scratch.


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