10 tips for coming up with an idea

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It’s a fact that you can run out of ideas whether you run a business online or offline. With fresh ideas, you’re sure to utilize and take advantage of the opportunities that present itself, again to stay ahead of the competition.

There are tips and tricks to spot and come up with fresh idea in my opinion it’s more of a mental exercise. The more you do it, the better and stronger the ideas flow.

There are few ways to come up with an idea, but below are ten ways to get ideas without any much stress.

Note what annoys you

Note what makes you grumpy and begin there. What annoys you is a problem and start by providing the solutions.

Listen and learn from your customers

Bill Gates, once said you learn from your unhappy customers. In other words, your customer can provide you with great insight about what needs to be changed. So identify the problems your unhappy customers have spotted and provide the solution.

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Ask your family and friends

Ask the people close to you to know what they need and know whether they need it now.

Take advantage of similar business

Look at what similar businesses are doing and see if you can get an idea from there the loophole or refine one of their idea to your advantage.

Scrutinize your product/service

Look at your product again and see what needs to improve and implement the change.

Get materials


Get information and read to see how you can improve your product or service. Ideas can still come from magazines, novels, motivational books and so on.

Join similar communities

You can sign up to online communities; join newsletter sites to get periodic information related to your product or services.

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Listen to people

Always listen to people with similar interest, know what they do, what they want and what they hate. But more importantly, know the problem they need an immediate solution.

Don’t be blindfolded by your found success

Your success can confuse you if you decide to fold your hands and assume the success will continue. Always focus the possible problem that may arise and not the solution.

Keep a note

Keep a note always and note anything around, there is every tendency you’ll see or think of something that can spark an idea use your note and write the idea before you forget it.

Ideas are the new money, how you nurse and refine an idea will determine how the idea will stay relevant in the market. But above are the 10 tips for coming up with an idea.





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