10 Things to Do Every Workday that gives you balance


Ever feel as if, you’re not doing enough everyday no matter what you have done? You keep on doing what takes your precious working time and at the end of the day, you notice doing little than expected. For instance, keeping in touch with coworkers or getting connected to old colleagues may take your productive time at your work.

The question is how does someone balance social chores, job tasks and developmental goals? Well there are 10 things to do every workday that will help you achieve the balance you need. But don’t hate yourself when you’re unable to finish your 10 to-do list.

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1. Learn a new thing related to your industry.

2. Learn about business creation and development.

3. Send two text messages to former coworkers

4. Respond to all mails send to you, especially those related to your industry

5. Check to know the performance of each team member.

6. Create few minutes about 30 minutes to discuss issues that are not related to your work with coworkers.

7. Focus on the goals necessary for the growth of the company or organization.

8. Execute routine task that will make the goals necessary for growth becomes a reality.

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9. Create time and socialize via social media and respond to at most 5 people.

10. Appreciate and enjoy your achievements for the day.

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