10 Questions Only the Smartest Job Candidates Ask


You have been interviewed and now the employer has turn the table on you and said “Do you have any questions for me?” almost always seemed like a waste of time.

But it isn’t. with an opportunity like that, it’s the best avenue to explore the company and evaluate whether they really want to work with you and how they value their employees.

What kinds of questions do you need to ask? Here are seven.

1. “What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 90 days?”

2. “If you were to rank them, what are the top three traits your top performers have in common?”

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3. “What really drives results in this job?”

4. “What are the company’s highest priority goals this year, and how would my role contribute?”

5. “What percentage of employees was brought in by current employees?”

6. “What percentage of new customers was brought in because of the current company publicity?”

7. “What do employees do in their spare time?”

8. “What do you plan to do if there is a major change in the sector…?”

9. “How does your company welcome innovation from employers?”

10. “What training/capacity building does the company offers to employees?”

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