5 Steps To Develop Self-Confidence


To be successful in life, you have got to have self-confidence. You cannot be successful if you are not sure of yourself or your actions. You must make concerted effort to do away with the [Continue reading]


For many they could work years in an organization and find they are still stuck in a particular position. In the private sector where promotions are not seen as entitlements you … [Continue reading]

5 things successful people do before 8am


Love it, like it or hate it, morning time will come every day, 7 days a week. Taking advantage of morning hours maybe key to a successful life and healthy living as well. Early morning rise is a common lifestyle found in many successful people. These … [Continue reading]

10 reasons why you should start a business

With an increasingly top job market, now has never been a time in Nigeria for people to start their business. These may sound daunting task, but there are many who have successfully turned an idea into successful businesses. So the big question is, … [Continue reading]

Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Landlord


If you are considering a career as a landlord, there are some things you need to know first. Here are five things you should know before becoming a landlord. … [Continue reading]

Things You Didnt Know Were Invented By Kids


Anyone who’s gotten to know a child knows how incredible they can be. Sure, they blurt out embarrassing observations in public, but that’s because they don’t filter their thoughts. … [Continue reading]

Avoiding Job Scams

job scam

A dishonest employer is one of the greatest fears of any job seeker. Unfortunately, nowadays the labor market is full of scammers whose main objective is to earn money in any way. … [Continue reading]

Attitude-the difference maker


It’s a popular saying that attitude is everything. In other words attitude is king. I didn't understand it until when I studied the animal kingdom. The lion is not the largest of the animals and yet it’s the king of the jungle, controlling the … [Continue reading]

How to make money with stocks for beginners


I didn’t get to be serious about the stock market and stock investment until in 2004 when I attended a lecture on investment. It was a an eye opener for me and I began to dig deep into stock market. I began looking for materials on that subject to … [Continue reading]

Promising Careers And Professions Emerging In Africa


As some world economies recover, analysts and investors are looking at the enormous possibilities for growth and development in Africa. Though unemployment in some African nations reportedly remains higher than 25 percent, general numbers are … [Continue reading]

I wish I had a better parent

download (4)

A children forum was organize and the children were to interact with some few selected parents. The children where ask to write and submit what their parent where saying and they wish they could change. They wrote and submitted it prior to the event. … [Continue reading]

The little things that shapes our future


We all want to succeed in life, but only few are doing what is expected. After reading several success stories about successful people, I came to a conclusion that there are certain things this people (successful people) do that shapes there future … [Continue reading]

Seven tips for successful saving and investing?


Several readers have asked for Retire Early's investment tips. While no individual stock or mutual funds are recommended on this site, I can offer a few thoughts that can increase the chances that you'll be able to Retire Early like your author. … [Continue reading]

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