10 Inventors Who Didn’t Get Mega-rich From Their Inventions

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Doug Engelbart, who has died aged 88, never really made any money from inventing the mouse. Here are 10 others who didn’t get to be billionaires. [Read more…]

Your education is the beginning of success not the end

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Go to school and after your tertiary education, success will follow. That has been the advise most parents passed to their children. Today we’re a country producing many graduates from the universities, polytechnics and the federal colleges of education. [Read more…]

What type of income are you working for?

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Recently, I met a lady who have work in the public service for 35 years and have retired four years ago, as a director. After her retirement, she has been working with a private firm as the head of the firm. [Read more…]

5 ways to make a good first impression at your new job

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After going through the hurdle and getting a job, you’re to report at your new job. Most times first impression matters a lot and people might judge you by that. [Read more…]

Stuffs your employer will never give you

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We’re in such a job uncertain period. It’s not new and a surprise to many people as to how fragile a job can be. Today it seems that the private sector is the one downsizing as well as recruiting, at least more than the public sector. [Read more…]

5 highly and effective way to make money blogging


If you’re reading this post review, you’re in the right place and probably want a better way to earn money from your blog.

Making money blogging can be done in different ways, with each way different from the other. In most cases, the number of traffic you generate will determine the money you’ll generate from your blog. [Read more…]

How to make money online without having a blog or website

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Making money online is one of the easiest way to earn a living, but even with that, it’s still not a get rich quick way. For you to achieve the level of making enough income, you’ll need to build some visibility and credibility. [Read more…]

6 Investment Fallacies You Need To Avoid

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There are a few wrong way of thinking about investment which result in why individual investors often fail miserably. It is good we know them and avoid being one of such investors.

Here are six common fallacies about investment: [Read more…]

Idea-the new money

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Towards the closing stages of the 20th century, there was a shift from industrial age to information age and after the movement, and then come the World Wide Web which changes many things including laws of money.

[Read more…]

4 DIY tips for personal finance


During the financial global meltdown, many unfortunate things happened. Jobs were lost, companies looked for bail out and the uncertainty continued to increase.

It became obvious that the financial bailout was given to only the companies’ owners and the sacked workers were left with nothing, but years of experience alone. [Read more…]

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