8 Things Successful People Say Every Day


Words are tools and that is why what you say becomes your reality. Because words expresses what is inside, your visions, dreams and mission and thus you channel your abilities towards it. [Read more...]

How to manage a small business


Managing a small business in these age of information requires velocity in responding to change, knowledge and skills of hiring smart people and how new strategies are invented in the business. [Read more...]

What Successful Business Owners Know, That You Should Know Too


If you are interested in becoming a successful business owner, the first thing you need to do is throw out all of the beliefs and ideas on what makes a person a successful business owner. [Read more...]

The paperwork you need before starting your own business


New business owners tend to avoid a variety of paperwork, due to eagerness and excitement to launch their businesses. Before launching your business, there are some paperwork you will need to complete. [Read more...]

How to build a business system


Are you building a business system or just trying to be self employed? [Read more...]

Top 10 Business Idea for Young Nigeria Graduates.

images (3)

Unemployment is really a serious issue in Nigeria. The government appears to be the largest employer of labour.

[Read more...]

5 Things Happy People Never Do


Happy people have certain things in common. They spend their time mostly focusing on things that make and keep them happy always. Some include positive mindset, learning new things, putting their goals into action and so on. [Read more...]

amdohub.com-The complete review


While surfing the net, I came across a website www.amdohub.com. It was new to me and I decided to check and know what the site was all about. To my surprise it was a social networking website created in July. [Read more...]

How to overcome business challenges


All entrepreneurs face one challenge or the other. Some learn from it and move on, while others give up. [Read more...]

13 Things to Start Doing for Yourself


People can help you in many ways, but there is a limit they can go to. Everyone have a role to play in this life. It doesn’t matter where you’re or your background. [Read more...]

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