How to figure out what business to do Figuring out what business to start


I want to start a business but the question is what business do I start? If this describes you then you’re not alone. I personally have been asked these question several times by people and I’ve come to realize that when you don’t give the right answer the person may … Read the rest

Business start-up strategies Strategies for starting up a Business


Business strategy is the planning and structuring stage for your business and it’s a very important stage as it forms the foundation of your business and subsequent success. Every business owner has goals and objectives for their Businesses to accomplish, and in order to achieve these goals and objectives you … Read the rest

How to make money online flipping expired domain names


Making money online with or without having a blog or website is possible. Flipping expired domain names is the act of registering a domain name an expired domain name and selling it.… Read the rest

Nuggets/food for thoughts of the day

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You may not be able to give your children everything you’d like to or everything they want, but you as a parent owe them some things. Connect with them. Seriously, what do you really know about your child? Their struggles, their heroes, their music, their friends, their fears, their dreams? … Read the rest

How to start an ecommerce website

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E commerce website is simple to create today than ten years ago. Having an ecommerce website is one way to make money online.

An eCommerce website can be created to offer product or service in exchange for cash. Your product can be physical one like computer, cars, DVDsRead the rest

Nuggets-food for thought blame (2)

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When you make someone responsible for your circumstances, it makes you a victim, and you put the power to change things in their hands. That means nothing will change unless they decide to change it. In other words, you make them master of your fate.… Read the rest

What type of life are you living?

what type of life

For sometimes now, I have been staying in a neighborhood where virtually everyone is a middle class person and pretty tolerate each other. The atmosphere in that environment is always wonderful and ideal for me.… Read the rest

Success moves with time, so wait for your time

food for thought

I often wonder what young men and women are thinking these days. The idea of getting quick result (overnight result) is the order of the day. We seem to be rushing things and expecting instant result. … Read the rest

The Nigeria of today-full of surprises


Nigeria? What a country. A country where you hardly wake up without a surprise. The scenes and the polity are changing on a daily basis what a country? When one look are the antecedent of events in Nigeria, … Read the rest

How to make money with google adsense


Google adsense is the affiliate program from google. Google serves you ads and when these ads are place in your website/blog, you the site owner make money when someone clicks on the ads.… Read the rest

How to make money with a PLR website


Making money online is pretty simple when you follow the right path and you don’t give up. Setting up a PLR website is however pretty easy way to making money online.… Read the rest

How to make money online without having a website

blogging 2

Making money online can be done with or without a website. If you don’t have a website, it’s still very possible to make money online.

If you don’t want to go through… Read the rest

How to find a niche using keyword research


Finding a niche can be one of the vital steps to a successful blogging.… Read the rest

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